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The Foundation’s Endowment

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is an independent
charitable foundation which is funded from the endowment.

How the Endowment Works

The Endowment activity is regulated by the Russian federal law 275 “On the Formation and Use of the Endowment for Non-profit Oganizations” of 30 December 2006.  

  1. Endowment
  2. Management Company
  3. Endowment Income
  4. Use of returns for the Foundation's charitable programs

The endowment goal is to ensure the Foundation’s activity and contribute to the implementation of its charitable programs

Our Investment Approach

How the Foundation’s Endowment is Managed

We aim to maximize returns to spend on our charitable activities, while keeping risk at an acceptable level. The Foundation invests in government securities, corporate bonds and shares. The Foundation has 6 endowments managed by different management companies.

Endowment 1

In trust management of
'Era Investment' AM LLC
license No. 21-000-1-01040 

Endowment 2

In trust management of
TKB Investment Partners,
license No. 21-000-1-00069

Endowment 3

In trust management of
Trustunion Asset Management,
license No. 21-000-1-00915

Endowment 4

In trust management of
license No. 21-000-1-00079

Endowment 5

In trust management of
«RONIN Trust»
license No. 21-000-1-00100 

Endowment 6

In trust management of
ZAO RVM Capital,
license No. 21-000-1-00798

The Foundation’s
Assets Portfolio

Assets Portfolio

    Government securities

    Corporate bonds


    Deposits and cash


    as of December 31, 2022

Our endowment
currently stands at

as of December 31, 2022

«The endowment is in my opinion a most strategic tool to achieve long-term goals and implement large-scale projects not only in education and culture but also for social initiatives» 

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Vladimir Potanin 

The Foundation’s Endowment was established in 2022: the first contribution was 10 billion rubles and was made by Vladimir Potanin.

In September 2022, Vladimir Potanin announced his decision to endow 47.5% of Rosbank shares to the Foundation. In October 2022, the deal was closed. In November 2022, the Foundation transferred the shares to the five management companies.


Council for the
Endowment Use


14 September 2022
Interview with the Foundation's General Director Oksana Oracheva

Vladimir Potanin, our founder, delegated control of the Foundation to the independent team of governing bodies. Oksana Oracheva, the Foundation's general director, shares her view on the changes

12 May 2022
Vladimir Potanin replenished the endowments of his Foundation by 10 billion rubles

The Foundation formed two endowments; each of them equals 5.1 billion rubles. The endowment income will be directed to development and support of the charitable programs.

14 October 2021
Our founder Vladimir Potanin elaborates on his approach to philanthropy

The new video interview, timed to coincide with the launch announcement for the Foundation's endowment.