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Impact and Learning


We live in the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity world). At present, the main value has become the ability to quickly change, adapt to new environment, effectively use personal and others' experience for continuous growth. These days, new organizational and working models are constantly emerging: but even popular models have become obsolete after a short period of time. It is difficult even for experts to choose relevant material from the flow of information.



There is an idea to collect and systematize all successful practices, the experience of the Foundation, its partners and project teams. This archive will be available to all Russian organizations. This knowledge database will help to identify vectors for strategic development and its users will be able to find ideas for interdisciplinary, intersectoral and interregional partnerships.


·        Systematize and digitalize the Foundation’s grant activities.

·        Conduct research, analyze results and long-term effects of the Foundation’s programs and supported projects.

·        Study successful practices in the Foundation’s program areas, as well as current development trends in Russia and abroad.

·        Set up a feedback system with the Foundation's community.

·        Establish the transfer of accumulated knowledge within the Foundation team, between the Foundation and its partners.

·        Publish and disseminate information, analytical and research materials on the Foundation’s topics.

·        Develop the skills the Foundation's community at professional forums, conferences and other events.

Expected results

These steps are a path to equal opportunities, effective strategies, relevant initiatives, and to more sustainable long-term results of supported projects. Due to the constant analysis of feedback, the Foundation will be able to offer an individual expert and information support for each project.

Up-to-date models and tools will be available for replication and scaling to the widest range of organizations and professionals. In turn, the informal community of beneficiaries will develop independently sharing knowledge, mentoring and building interdisciplinary partnerships.

Who can benefit from this work?

·        Foundation’s staff;

·        Beneficiaries, experts and partners of the Foundation;

·        Researchers and practitioners in education, culture, sport and philanthropy;

·        Research and academic institutions, universities, cultural institutions and knowledge centers;

·        Charity organizations and foundations;

·        Professional associations in education, culture, sport and philanthropy;

·        Local and professional communities.


Publication date: 24 January 2023