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Power of sport

How sports and active lifestyle projects transform society

In January 2019 our Foundation announced a new initiative aimed at uncovering the potential of sports as a social institution . In May 2020 this initiative was formalized as the Power of Sport program aimed at the development of sports as a social and cultural phenomenon embracing all aspects of modern society: culture, education, healthcare and philanthropy . In preparing the launch of the program we had to study this subject in both an international and Russian context — identifying existing foreign practices and their applicability to our own country . A number of questions emerged, such as these: What is the influence of sport on the enhancement and refinement of human values? What social impact can be achieved through an intensive development of physical culture and sport? How can it be determined whether or not a sports project has a social focus? To answer these questions we, jointly with Social design center Platforma, conducted the Social Sport Projects: Goals, Outcomes and Demand for Support study . The findings of the research are summarized in this brochure .