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Svetlana Yushkova, "Path of Possibilities"

Developing sustainable scientific and educational tourism in the Krasnoyarsk region

In August 2019, a new ecological trail for visitors with limited mobility was opened in the “Pillars” (“Stolby”) Nature Reserve in Krasnoyarsk. This trail allows wheelchair users and elderly individuals to explore the unique natural beauty of Siberia. The "River Valley" ecological trail was established in the reserve in 2012, and in 2018, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation fellows from Siberian Federal University and Siberian State University of Science and Technology came up with a way to adapt it for people with disabilities.

The team from Krasnoyarsk won in a competition for socially significant projects at the Foundation School. The driving force and leader of the "Path of Possibilities" project is Svetlana Yushkova. She successfully combines her studies in the postgraduate program at Siberian State University of Science and Technology with her work as a specialist in the environmental education department of the “Stolby” Nature Reserve. Additionally, she serves as the head of the regional branch of the "Tree of Life" environmental festival in the Krasnoyarsk region and works as an educator at the International Children's Center "Artek". Moreover, Svetlana is working on her dissertation related to optimizing key business processes in institutions managing specially protected natural areas in Russia. She also finds time for public initiatives related to her professional interests.

The grant funds were used to acquire materials for the development of the trail. Ramps have been installed at the entrances and exits, railings have been added along the path, a resting area has been created, and benches have been placed. Informational boards and silhouettes of the reserve's animals have been placed along the trail, and bird feeding stations have been set up. More than 60 volunteers joined the implementation of the "Path of Possibilities" project, eager to contribute to the creation of a socially-oriented infrastructure project.

Now, thousands of people with special needs have access to a universal outdoor space, enabling them to independently take educational walks in the tourist area of the reserve, participate in environmental education events, and engage in volunteer activities.

For Svetlana, winning the Vladimir Potanin Foundation grant competition is a significant responsibility and joy. Winning the competition provided her with sustainable motivation for both professional and moral development and gave her the conviction that there are always opportunities to realize any aspirations. 

Svetlana considers her personal mission to as the development of sustainable scientific and educational tourism in the Krasnoyarsk region. She actively studies successful practices in infrastructure development aimed at balancing human interaction with nature. Svetlana believes that creating favorable conditions and instilling in people love and active interest in preserving unique natural sites is essential. In the foreseeable future, Svetlana aims to implement a project focused on the development of children's ecotourism in the region. She also plans to register her own nonprofit organization, dedicated to supporting environmental education.


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