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The Centre for Philanthropy Development is launching an international “Research Fellowships” competition

“Research Fellowships” competition aimed at exploring scientific and applied issues in philanthropy and supporting talented researchers and practitioners in this field

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The competitionis held each year in four cycles. Applications are accepted and considered once every three months. Winners of the competition are a maximum of eight people from the Russian Federation or abroad who propose the most interesting and relevant ideas related to the scientific or practical study of the non-profit sector.

"In contrast to the classical academic format, not only representatives of the academic sphere, but also practitioners get an opportunity to take part in our Research Fellowships. In our view, this will increase the practical relevance of philanthropy research and bridge the gap between academic research and the real life of the non-profit sector. We also expect that the international nature of the competition will contribute to the representation of different viewpoints and stimulate public dialogue on philanthropy development," says Roman Sklotskiy, Director of the Center for Philanthropy Development Centre. "In pre-pandemic 2019, we piloted an offline format for such Fellowships and were convinced of their relevance. 2020 showed that the online format also has a right to exist, so we decided to offer two options for the Fellowships - online and offline," continues Sklotskiy.

Research Fellowships can result in a variety of outputs: from scientific articles and analytical notes to presentations and media products. Of key importance is their scientific or practical relevance to professionals in the non-profit sector in Russia or abroad. The duration of the Fellowships is at least five and no more than ten or fifteen days, depending on the format chosen.

Applications for the first cycle of the competition are accepted until 31 August 2021 inclusive. Russian participants submit their applications in Russian, while citizens of other countries submit their applications in Russian or English (at their choice).

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