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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation ranked first in the RAEX rating for the third time

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation led the list of Russia's top-20 corporate and private NGOs by partnership potential

On March 27, 2023, the RAEX rating agency published the third edition of its ranking of charitable NGOs, which included 804 organizations.

The RAEX ranking is divided into two sections: the first includes private and corporate foundations, while the second one covers fundraising foundations. The Vladimir Potanin Foundation topped the first section. The Timchenko Foundation and the "Art, Science and Sport" Foundation took second and third places among private and corporate foundations.

The number of participants in the corporate and private charitable NGO ranking decreased by 39 organizations to 185 compared to the 2022 ranking. However, 21 organizations were included into the ranking for the first time. The ranking compilers noted that the vast majority of private and corporate charitable infrastructure organizations were able to continue their work despite reduced activities in 2021 and 2022.

The ranking methodology primarily takes into account such indicators as the scale of activities, information transparency, and media activity.

Dmitry Mindich, Director of Research Projects at RAEX, highlighted a significant increase in transparency in the charitable sector over the past two years. "The progress in disclosure is evident both in the content of official websites and in the volume and quality of published reports. This is certainly encouraging, and the RAEX ranking has contributed to this by acting as a disclosure incentive for many NGOs," he said.

The total amount received by private and corporate foundations in 2022 was 61.7 billion rubles. This sum excludes the 87 billion rubles donated by Vladimir Potanin to replenish the Foundation's endowment in 2022.

Oksana Oracheva, CEO of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “For its 25th anniversary, the Foundation began transitioning to a new financial model: endowments are intended to ensure the Foundation's long-term work and the fulfillment of our mission. Our achievement is the contribution of all members of the Foundation's community and the result of our collaboration with colleagues, partners, and grantees who strive for sustainable social change. We deeply appreciate the high assessment from experts, which inspires us to continue supporting important initiatives in culture, higher education, philanthropy, and social sports.”

The RAEX ranking was first published in 2020, with the second edition released in 2022. The 2024 ranking includes charitable organizations operating in Russia that received over 5 million rubles in 2022. The main objective of the ranking is to increase trust in charitable organizations among donors and partners, create an effective positioning tool for NGOs using best management practices, and address the problem of "toxic" philanthropy.

The full 2024 ranking can be found here, and the detailed version of the assessment methodology is available in the "Rankings" section on the official website of the RAEX rating agency.

Other news

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The Vladimir Potanin Foundation held the VIII “Endowments” Forum
06 june 2024

The results of the annual “Endowments” forum, which took place in Moscow 4 June, have been summarized

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The book on culture in the regions of Russia has been published
22 april 2024

The publication is the result of five years of research undertaken at the initiative and with the support of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation in 2017-2018 and 2020-2021

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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation held its annual conference "Project Legacy and University Transformation"
07 april 2024

On April 9th, with the support of Tomsk State University, the Foundation hosted its annual conference for university teachers

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Oksana Oracheva: Foundation’s Performance in 2023
12 february 2024

The General Director Interview

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The Foundation presented a study on the effects of the Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program
07 december 2023

The study was conducted among the fellows and grantees of the Foundation

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Evgenia Potapova, Mom, I`m Home
04 december 2023

Winning the scholarship competition helped Evgenia take advantage of the wide range of opportunities provided by the Foundation

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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is holding a conference on social sport
28 november 2023

The conference "Sports and Society: Best Practices in Russia" will take place in November-December 2023

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Svetlana Yushkova, "Path of Possibilities"
31 august 2023

Developing sustainable scientific and educational tourism in the Krasnoyarsk region

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Alexey Prikhodko, "Mathematics in Silence"
30 august 2023

Preparing deaf high school graduates for successful completion of the Unified State Exam (EGE) in mathematics

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Anna Makarchuk, "Everyone Matters"
30 august 2023

Realizing an extensive anti-bullying program

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